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Fading reality . . .

Mae | ♀ | 16 | Multi-Fandom | Non-Spoiler Free | Liveblogs | Personal | Anime | Manga | Games |

feel free to ask, follow, or become friends with me, I'm still shy as usual but I'm willing to open up ^^ I watch anime like almost 24/7 and so I like to talk to people anything random to anime related topics XD

Message box is always open! I always want to talk to new people~

I also liveblog anime that I watch and manga that I read :3
Note: Beware! Spoilers are everywhere.
You will see various series~ CFV, KnB, and many others!

Hope you like it here ^^ //simple and short//

status: too lazy to edit anything, next time!

omg, wut … .

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